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Kent (He/Him) is one of two new additions (introduced in Season 9) to the Rivals of Waterdeep. More will be added to this article as the Rivals come to know him better.


Tall, brown skinned with hints of blue, shoulder-length black hair, ice blue eyes, two horns with stylized metallic inlays. Kent wears primarily black and dark clothing and armor, but the inside of his cloak is famously quite showy.


Excitable, opinionated, and extra. He is apparently fascinated by archaeological sites, Duo the "ghost" kobold, and the dynamic emerging between Selise and Shaka.


Little is known at this point about Kent other than the following:

  • Adventurer-turned archaeologist-turned adventurer
  • Has spent much of his non-adventuring life in Caradoon, his home town.
  • Left Caradoon after the "Poisoned Rat Wine" incident wherein he got a little overzealous trying to solve a rat infestation, resulting in the building becoming completely uninhabitable.


Kent is currently in a relationship with Virgil, another newly introduced member of the Rivals.

Character Information

Notable Items

  • Dire Troll Charm earring (Soul Trinket)
  • Silk bath robe
  • Traveling tunic (brown)
  • Traveling tunic (grey)
  • Bandolier boots to hold poison vials


  • Tokens of the Departed - Kent can trap the soul of a creature that dies near him in a trinket. The trinkets can be used in multiple ways. So far, we have seen Kent expend a trinket to ask the associated soul a single question.
  • Wails from the Grave - When Kent successfully sneak attacks a target, he can use his connection to the spirits around him to cause necrotic damage to another target. Kent's scary in combat.


  • Poisoner (TCoE)


"Virgil, we're never leaving." - Kent after he was offered a spare room at Trollskull Manor just to keep his stuff in

"VIRGIL! … Where's my traveling tunic?! Not the gray one, the brown one. It's gonna be dusty!"