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Missed an episode of Rivals? Never fear, we've put all the links here for you! Note these links go to the podcast form of the show. Want to watch and missed it live on Twitch? You can always view past episodes on the WotC YouTube playlist of our show, from Episode 1 to the most current.

Season 1

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.01 The Price of a Soul Six strangers find their way to Nightstone where a curse has been cast. Simplecast YouTube
1.02 Into the City The Party finds themselves in conflict with a Hunter seeking revenge. Simplecast YouTube
1.03 A Hunter's Revenge Selise's book goes off and the party meets a very... strange child. They are stopped outside the gates of Waterdeep by the Open Lord and Shaka's Patron is revealed to him.... as a goldfish? 🐠 Simplecast YouTube
1.04 Stream of Many Eyes The party sits down with Mirt the Moneylender in hopes of acquiring funds to solve a coded puzzle. Simplecast YouTube
1.05 Talent is the Ticket Everyone splits up in hopes of gathering more information. Perrin enters a talent contest hoping to win entry into an exclusive event. Simplecast
1.06 Don't Trust Kids The group is confronted by a Bugbear and Kobolds in an alley and prepare for the event and the amphitheater. Simplecast YouTube
1.07 A Performance of a Lifetime Perrin's performance is interrupted by two mothers seeking revenge. Simplecast YouTube
1.08 Rope The party tries to escape the waterdeep soldiers by scaling down the side. Simplcast YouTube
1.09 A Race Against Time It's a race against time as the party tries to make it to the safe house in time to get the mindworms removed. Simplecast YouTube
1.10 Memories The party makes it's way to the safe house but there is a surprise in store. Character history's are shared Simplecast YouTube

Season 2

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.11 3 Months Later The party heads to Three Daggers Alley while having flashbacks of how they've spent the past 3 months training. Perrin makes friends with merchant owners while Ashbourne races Selise on the rooftops. Shaka gets several positions as help staff to blend in, while Rinn stays in shadows to pickpocket. Selise decides to show her softer side... Err tries to at least Simplecast YouTube
1.12 The Machine The party makes it to Three Daggers Alley to investigate the disappearance of locals. They run into their old friend Melanie who reveals what she has been up to. The crew tries to learn more about the apothecary, but are distracted by entertaining children with a song / dance about an octo-bird. Rinn discovers a ticking trunk in an abandoned building while Shaka and Selise explore a prestine tailor shop. Simplecast YouTube
1.13 The Rat in the Alley Rinn talks to his new Nimblewright acquaintance, while Ashbourne takes a look around the cellar. Outside Perrin and Selise hear someone calling for help and go investigate. While checking out a small apartment, Selise and Perrin are ambushed by a Grell. Meanwhile Ashbourne realizes she has stumbled upon an entire Grell nest in the cellar and immediately leaves. The party meets with Perrin and Selise as they fight the Grell, burn down an apartment and run into a very famous writer. Simplecast YouTube
1.14 Purpose The party exits a burning building to hunt down the remaining Grells in their nest. Shaka solves a riddle and reveals a hidden message/map on the business card he found. The access point to the map is in the cellar of a basement. Nim tags along for the adventure while Volo and Ash exchange some harsh words with each other. The cast sings the ♫ Aggressive Healing ♫ song. 👊🏾 Simplecast YouTube
1.15 The Falling Leaf The Party defeats the last grell and journeys into the sewers. During a short rest, Nim explains his history with family and his need to find purpose. The party stumbles upon a secret lair with four men buried to their necks in sand. Volo's origin is revealed. Simplecast YouTube
1.16 Portraits In a flashback we see what Rinn was up to while the party ventured into the sewers. The group finds themselves in a strange room with 5 doors and 2 portraits that resembled people they know. Appearing out of no where, 2 hags attack the party. Volo is reunited with an old friend. Simplecast YouTube
1.17 Dreams Shaka and Rinn find themselves in a strange tavern in Perrins mind. The two end up meeting his "biggest" fan and learn a dark secret about "Perrin". Simplecast YouTube
1.18 Malevolent Selise wakes up in a familiar bed, while Shaka, Perrin and Rinn explore a dark hallway. Ashbourn and Volo can't stop dying! 💀 Simplcast YouTube
1.19 Kaleidoscope The party finds out the truth of what happened to Selises wife and start to make their way out of the sewers Simplecast YouTube
1.20 Season Finale We find out the truth about Melanie, the Grells, and the man that owns the Apothecary. Simplecast YouTube

Season 3

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.21 After Rinn is transported to a familiar place, while the rest of the crew attempts to unravel the secrets of the Stone of Golorr. Simplecast YouTube
1.22 Keys The newly reunited party begins the search for the first vault key at the Hanged Man Tavern, where they encounter a series of puzzles. Simplecast YouTube
1.23 Reader The party is trapped in a library and must fight their way out. Simplecast YouTube
1.24 North The party emerges in an unfamiliar area of Waterdeep and searches for the second vault key. Simplecast YouTube
1.25 Mirrors The party sees more strange colors and falls asleep. Horrors await. Simplecast YouTube
1.26 Catacombs The party struggles with its grip on reality, causing someone to leave. Shaka's story begins to unravel while a guard has the worst day ever. Simplecast YouTube
1.27 Training The party trains at Blackstaff tower, uncovers the truth about a party member, and attempts to outwit a dangerous foe Simplecast YouTube
1.28 Hideout The party attempts to sneak an important artifact into the hands of one of the most dangerous guilds in Waterdeep. Simplecast YouTube
1.29 Planning Vajra is perplexed by a puzzle that only the party can solve. Simplecast YouTube
1.30 S3 Season Finale Live from PAX East The party learns the secrets of the vault and the fate of Nightstone is sealed. Simplecast YouTube

Season 4

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.31 The Trollskull Manor The party returns from Avernus and finds a new home in Waterdeep with some old friends. Simplecast YouTube
1.32 Home Sweet Haunt The party investigates a creepy library and finds a surprise inside of a hidden room. Simplecast YouTube
1.33 Woman in the Mirror The party deals with some dolls / action figures, Rinn shares some family info, Shaka undergoes a transformation, and the woman in the mirror is unveiled. Simplecast YouTube
1.34 Answer the Call A mysterious box causes a party member to be at odds, leading to a monster fight in the garden Simplecast YouTube
1.35 The Tavern Rinn and Robbie set out to seek a cure, while the rest of the party tries to clean up the tavern of Trollskull Manor. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Simplecast YouTube
1.36 A Blast from the Past The party is reunited and gain some magical amphibians. 🐸 They continue the search for relics .. but "when" are they? Simplecast YouTube
1.37 Fated Selise reunites with the party at the proper time, the frogs reveal their true nature, and Kablooey lives up to his name. Simplecast YouTube
1.38 The Guardian The party encounters the Guardian of Troll Skull Manor ... but when are they? Simplecast YouTube
1.39 Futureproof Portals, lots of portals. 🚪 Lief, lots of Lief. 🍃 A tree, lots of tree. 🌳 A tea party, lots of tea. 🍵 Simplecast YouTube
1.40 Golden & Green The big bad is revealed and the party fights to save a captive family. Simplecast YouTube

Season 5

Rivals of Waterdeep ... in Aveeerrrnnnuuusss!! 🔥😈

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.41 The Style You Haven't Done Yet The party is treated to a properly hellish Avernus welcome. Simplecast YouTube
1.42 You Must Learn Rinn and Selise scavenge with Mad Maggie, while the rest of the crew welcomes back an old friend and discovers more about Fort Knucklebone. Simplecast YouTube
1.43 Breath Control The party checks out their new vehicles and heads to the Wandering Emporium for a shopping trip Simplecast YouTube
1.44 Hip Hop Rules All Hell breaks loose at the Lil Smoke concert Simplecast YouTube
1.45 Who Protects Us from You? The party deals with the aftermath of a major loss, and they meet a merchant who may be able to help them get home Simplecast YouTube
1.46 Bo! Bo! Bo! The party pays tribute to a fallen soldier and engages in vehicular comba Simplecast YouTube
1.47 Gimme, Dat, (Woy!) The party continues its merry, completely safe, boring drive to Haruman's Hill. Simplecast YouTube
1.48 World Peace The party scales Haruman's Hill and finds a nice cottage where absolutely nothing terrifying happens. Simplecast YouTube
1.49 Why is That? Three party members must deal with the powerful desires of Haruman's Hill Simplecast YouTube
1.50 Jah Rulez The party endures one final battle in their search for the portal out of Avernus Simplecast YouTube

Season 6

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.51 Season Six Premiere The Party ventures to the City of the Dead to bury an old friend Simplecast YouTube
1.52 Whose House? The party finishes their business in the City of the Dead and comes home to a surprise. Simplecast YouTube
1.53 Snail's Pace The party tries its best to deal with Thavius Kreeg and the ruckus at Trollskull Manor. Corrin leads the party to a supposedly safe place. Simplecast YouTube
1.54 From the Windows We say goodbye to Carlos (Dirty D, Noc Noc) and Surena (Duo, Ashbourne) with dragons and snails. Simplecast YouTube
1.55 To the Wall The party seemingly deals with Thavius, makes some drinks, and crushes on a new Manor guest. Simplecast YouTube
1.56 Darkness Darkness is spreading! The party enters the dark office and fights an enormous animal in a strange place. Simplecast YouTube
1.57 Games (Live from C2E2!) The Rivals perform live at C2E2 in Chicago! Joined by past cast member Surena Marie and new cast member LaTia Bryant, the party plays games with the Cassalanters before discovering a horrifying ritual. Simplecast YouTube
1.58 Afterparty The party deals with the aftermath of the Cassalanters' games , meets a family member, and reunites with some old friends .. or foes? Simplecast YouTube
1.59 Trenchcoat Slimer The party faces off with trenchcoat slimer. Simplecast YouTube
1.60 Fart The truth about the snails are revealed and an old ally helps in the final battle. Simplecast YouTube

Season 7

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.61 Bills, Bills, Bills Four months after saving Waterdeep from the forces of Avernus, the party returns to Duo's unique management style at Trollskull Manor. Simplecast YouTube
1.62 Talent Show The Rivals perform, and a mystery guest overstays his welcome. Simplecast YouTube
1.63 Again Another Talent Show? What is going on at Trollskull Manor? Simplecast YouTube
1.64 Frenemies The party leaves the looped manor, senses a pattern about the clocks, and meets an old “friend”... Simplecast YouTube
1.65 Into the Dark The Rivals help friends old and new plan a strategy of attack and defend themselves against a huge monster... Simplecast YouTube
1.66 Strictly Business The party decides whether to trust the remnants of the Black Network. Simplecast YouTube
1.67 Unfinished Business After a major antagonist meets an untimely end, the party gets acquainted with their new icy surroundings. Simplecast YouTube
1.68 Business As Usual The party accepts a new mission and braves the freezing cold in search of their target... Simplecast YouTube
1.69 Business Never Personal The party gets more info on their target while Selise is trapped in the inn... Simplecast YouTube
1.70 Back In Business The party use their brains to help deal with the situation of Sephek in Bremen... Simplecast YouTube

Season 8

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.71 Past & Present Tense The Rivals are back for a new season! This time with CypherofTyr in the GM's chair. We get Shaka back, meet some new and interesting characters & find more about Gazrick than he likes. Simplecast YouTube
1.72 A Cold Welcome Back We learn more about Gazrick's past, Sierra gives the Rivals their mission and there's an interesting tour of Bryn Shander Simplecast YouTube
1.73 Stone Hearts The Rivals meet Speaker Duvessa Shane of Bryn Shander, gather more details on their forthcoming prison adventure, and catch some fish. Simplecast YouTube
1.74 The Past is Always Lurking The Rivals prepare to get arrested! Simplecast YouTube
1.75 Old Debts The crew checks in to Revel's End, Rinn tries to charm a new friend and Gazrick gets a chilly welcome back by the Warden.... Simplecast YouTube
1.76 Cold Hearts, Frozen Follies The Rivals are on the lookout for Vaelish Gant, and along the way find more than they bargained for.... Simplecast YouTube
1.77 Monologues, Fights & Follies The Rivals... don't find Vaelish Gant, get in fights and well... maybe they are never getting out of Revel's End. Simplecast YouTube
1.78 It Could Be Worse? The Rivals ... have a sword of Damocles over their heads and the clock is ticking to find Vaelish and finish their mission or get "put away" Simplecast YouTube
1.79 Tick Tock Rivals, Tick Tock It's a MONTAGE episode! Leto gets a little too personal, and the Rivals finally encounter Vaelish Gant.... Simplecast YouTube
1.80 Silver Tongues and Falling Rocks The Rivals are trying to get out of Revel's End, will they or won't they? Watch until the end to learn what comes next for the show, cast & crew!... Simplecast YouTube

Season 9

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.81 The More Things Change ... The Rivals are reunited (mostly) and return home to Waterdeep with new friends in tow Simplecast YouTube
1.82 ... The More They Stay The Same The Rivals are introduced to Zafir, Brian begins to move, and Rinn's book dreams come back to haunt Selise. Simplecast YouTube
1.83 And I Would Ride 800 Miles ... The Rivals pack up and begin their journey to Candlekeep in ... a traveling mansion? Simplecast YouTube
1.84 Breaking the Surface Some uninvited guests almost spoil the trip to Candlekeep Simplecast YouTube
1.85 The Great Library The Rivals bask in the glory of Candelkeep and gain some insight into a potential mystery Simplecast
1.86 No Yelling In The Library The Rivals navigate through Candlekeep as best as they can. Minds may have blown along the way. Simplecast YouTube
1.87 The Plot Thickens Every library has extradimensional holes, right? Simplecast YouTube
1.88 Infiltration The Rivals interrogate their shapeshifting suspect and continue to endear themselves to the avowed of Candlekeep. Simplecast YouTube
1.89 Doppelgangers in the Library Dopples and gangs are a part of everyone's library experience. The Rivals try to figure out who is who! Simplecast YouTube
1.90 Season 9 Finale The Rivals deal with the doppelgangers in the only way that they know how. Simplecast

Season 10

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.91 Welcome Home, Rivals The Rivals return from Candlekeep and see what Duo and Brian have done with Trollskull Manor. They decide to relax at the Velvet Turtle, where there may be some fighting. Simplecast YouTube
1.92 Background & Underground The Rivals deal with the aftermath of a bar fight and meet one of D'hani's old friends. Simplecast YouTube
1.93 Past Journeys and New Ones The Rivals arrive back home and deal with hidden histories, the scale switch, and meet a legend in their search to understand this season's mysteries. Simplecast YouTube
1.94 How to Prep For an Undermountain Heist The party continues to gather the 3 items needed for the under mountain heist... Simplecast YouTube
1.95 Tasks and Tokens The party reunites with Gazrick and meets some gargoyles. Simplecast YouTube
1.96 Last Minute Prep Before the Journey Underground The gang goes to get the last item they need before meeting Mirt and heading underground. Simplecast YouTube
1.97 Puzzling on the Clock The Rivals journey into the under mountain with Mirt, and they try to find a way to activate the dragon scale. Simplecast YouTube
1.98 A Battle of Wills Under Waterdeep The Gang picks up the fight with Arnea, her guards, and the monsters of the underground. They do their best to protect Virgil as he tries to complete the ceremony of the dragon scale. Simplecast YouTube
1.99 We Got 99 Problems and Trollskull Manor Ain't One The Rivals return from the under mountain and try to discover what is wrong with Trollskull Manor, and they reunite with Gazrick, Duo, and Brian in a new environment. Simplecast YouTube
1.100 Episode 100! A Finale in Hell! The gang finds the answer they've been looking for, but in song. Simplecast YouTube

Season 11

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.101 Hence a Twelvemonth One year after the end of Season 10, the Rivals reminisce about how they've spent the last 12 months. Once they're all caught up, Duo has a less-than-welcome surprise for the party. Simplecast YouTube
1.102 CON-trolled Chaos Selise gives the keynote address at the inaugural RivalsCON. Brian provides an out for the Rivals to escape the bustle of the Con. Selise and D'hani run into trouble on the road. Simplecast YouTube
1.103 Rivals Reunited. Onto the Carnival! Shaka and Gazrick arrive just in time as the Rivals are spurred along by intrigue towards the Witchlight Carnival. New faces are encountered, carnival games are played, and in Rivals, of course, you can pet the dog. Simplecast YouTube
1.104 Into the Unknooo-- er, Frostfell The Rivals follow a mysterious figure into the Hall of Illusions and beyond. Gazrick finds himself somewhere he never expected to return to. The party comes across a kaiju battle. Simplecast YouTube
1.105 Warm Reunions, Cold Comfort We discover the Arctic Druid enclave of Lednik Caldera. Gazrick has a bittersweet homecoming, the Rivals become involved in a missing persons case, and... are they being watched? Simplecast YouTube
1.106 Big Trouble in Little Caldera Hirrathak levels with the Rivals about the bleakness of the situation. Selise and D'Hani go over tactics while Shaka and Gazrick go... shopping? Simplecast YouTube
1.107 As the Dark Gets Darker The Rivals question the captured spy and learn more about the situation in the Caldera, including that the Xanathar is likely more involved than they realized. They search nearby trails for clues, and aren't disappointed. Gazrick receives an annoying gift. Simplecast YouTube
1.108 Ambush Inception After preparing to be "druid bait," the Rivals embark into the cold right into a perfectly-timed ambush. Swiftly dealing with their attackers, Shaka hears a familiar voice and Fenris is onto something. Simplecast YouTube
1.109 In the Eye of the Storm The Rivals follow the trail of the missing Druids to a mysterious blizzard and beyond. Shaka is confronted with the specter of his past. Gazrick uses his beard as a component pouch, and the Rivals get "handsy" with a door. Simplecast YouTube
1.110 With a Little Help from My Friends Ending their season live at PAX Unplugged, the Rivals take on a powerful threat to the multiverse. Waterdeep sends them aid in a very surprising form. The fate of Lednik Caldera, the Frostfell and countless realms beyond hang in the balance. Simplecast YouTube

Season 12

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.111 To The Victors Go The Spoils The Rivals converge, recover after their harrowing dragon fight, and reap the benefits of their work at the Lednik Caldera. Simplecast YouTube
1.112 A Celebration of Heroes The Rivals end their time in the Lednik Caldera at a feast in their honor before returning home to Waterdeep. Simplecast YouTube
1.113 Business as Usual…? The Rivals experience a terrifyingly ordinary day, are surprised by an old friend, and discover a new treasure beneath Trollskull Manor. Simplecast YouTube
1.114 For the Good of the City The Rivals begin to realize that not all battles are fought with swords and magic. Simplecast YouTube
1.115 So What's the Plan Again? The Rivals make moves to put their money where their mouth is. Simplecast YouTube
1.116 Spread the Word News begins to travel about the Rivals' plans for the North Ward. Simplecast YouTube
1.117 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back The Rivals hold their long-awaited town hall at Trollskull Manor when they receive a visit from an unexpected guest. Simplecast YouTube
1.118 Conflict and Resolution The Rivals' efforts to improve their reputation are put to the test as parts of their adventures catch up to them. Simplecast YouTube
1.119 The Doppel-Discovery Discussion With the doppel-Selise dispatched, the Rivals decide to take the problem to their foe rather than waiting for it to come their way. Simplecast YouTube
1.120 Mask-erade The Rivals are too late to catch their quarry, but manage to save someone else in the process, and find that all of their hard work has not been in vain after all. Simplecast YouTube

Season 13

Episode No. Title Summary Podcast YouTube
1.121 Here Come The Lords The Rivals recount what they've done in the past year as Masked Lords of Waterdeep. Simplecast YouTube
1.122 Jerry's Debut Shaka returns to the Manor with a joke building friend who holds a secret about the baby dragon. Simplecast YouTube
1.123 Tabletown As the party gets used to Selise's new acquaintance, they find that Shaka's new building isn't quite what it seems. Simplecast YouTube
1.124 Performing Arts The Rivals investigate the Performing Arts area of the Bow's End Tavern in the search for Larine. Simplecast YouTube
1.125 Tunnel to Quandrix The Rivals rescue Larine and try to find out what happened to her friends at Quandrix. Simplecast YouTube


Title Summary Podcast
Previously on Season 3 Wooooooosh! Prepare for the season 3 finale with this compilation of all of the episode recaps from Season 3 (episodes 21-29) Simplecast
Rivals S4 recap & S5 preview It's a DM party! Shareef (Shaka), Surena (Ashbourne), and Cicero (Perrin) get together to discuss their feelings about season 4 and give a little preview of season 5! Simplecast
Seasons 1-8 recap A quick recap of the first 8 seasons of Rivals of Waterdeep to prepare you for season 9! Simplecast

Rivals on Bikes

Title Summary Podcast YouTube
Session 0 Masood leads us through session zero of Kids on Bikes, where we build our characters and the world together. Simplecast YouTube
Episode 1 It's Fall Festival time in Corrington! Listen to the soothing sounds of DJ Sparky as you drive on down to the peach farm! Be sure to visit our famous haunted house! Old man Archie is waiting... (CW: Child Endangerment) Simplecast YouTube
Episode 2 The party races back to the festival to save an innocent soul. (CW: child endangerment, child possession (of the occult kind), body horror, blood, gaslighting, snakes) Simplecast YouTube
Episode 3 The Corrington crew gets back together for one last ride Simplecast YouTube
Behind the Scenes We take a peek behind the curtain as Masood talks about being the GM of the Rivals' Kids on Bikes campaign! YouTube

Specials and One-Shots

Title Summary Podcast Video
D&D Live 2019: Descent Into Avernus Special guest Erika Ishii helps our party navigate the first layer of hell, complete with tigers, robots, and a chalice. YouTube
Infernal Goose Rivals in hell, special guest Masood Haque, and a goose .. what could possibly go wrong? Simplecast
Undermountain the Musical! The Rivals meet a new adventurer and venture to Undermountain for shenanigans... Simplecast
Boldly Go! The Rivals of Waterdeep are Boldly Going... somewhere! GM Tanya DePass takes Shareef Jackson, LaTia Jacquise, Masood Haque, and special guest Brian Gray into the Final Frontier in this Star Trek one-shot adventure for Roll20Con 2020. YouTube
Asians Represent & Rivals of Waterdeep Daniel Kwan runs a kung-fu adventure from The Book of Inner Alchemy featured in Wizards of the Coast’s latest release Candlekeep Mysteries. The game’s cast includes Tanya DePass, Steven Hunyh, Agatha Chang, and Shareef Jackson. Daniel will be guiding his players in the search for the missing pages of a mysterious book that puts them head-on against the Monks of the Immortal Lotus. Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Round tables
Our Experiences with D&D Latia, Brandon, Cicero, and Shareef chat about their experiences with D&D. Simplecast
A Black History Month conversation with the Rivals! Join Rivals Cast members: Brian Gray, Shareef Jackson, LaTia Jacquise and Tanya DePass for a frank discussion about Black History Month, being Black in the RPG space, and laughs. Sponsored by Blue Microphones YouTube
Rivals 100 Episode Celebration Join cast members past and present as we reminisce over 100 episodes and answer viewer questions. Simplecast YouTube


Idle Champions Presents: The Trials of Mount Tiamat

Tiamat has escaped from Avernus.

The Cult of the Dragon has succeeded in their efforts to bring the Queen of Evil Dragonkind to the prime material plane, and has consolidated their power to fortify their stronghold at the Well of Dragons.

Champions from across the Forgotten Realms heed the call to band together and face this cataclysmic threat. It is here that the adventure for Idle Champions Presents: The Trial of Mount Tiamat begins...