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Shaka is a tiefling warlock that wears a flowing white robe. This robe, a gift from his patron, is magically imbued so that it never gets dirty.

Shaka has two misshapen horns that he is ashamed of. He covers them with a white kangol hat.


Shaka is quick witted and tries not to take life too seriously. He is a lover of math and science and tries to fancy himself as an intellectual, but he can also react emotionally to certain things that he loves.


Sharafka was raised in a human town, just outside of a major city. He is used to stereotypes of mistrust, but he has become known as a friend to humans, due to using his warlock powers for good. He has spent his adult life ensuring that tieflings are not abused, even if it means calling out other humans ... or other means of retaliation.

Seasons 1-3:

Shaka has believed that his patron was the Great Old One, but he discovers it is actually the Xanathar. The patron is temporarily blocked after an intellect devourer fries a mindworm in Shaka's head. Feeling manipulated, Shaka severs the connection, but loses all of his powers. He doesn't know who he is anymore.

Season 4:

Shaka meets Kaguya in Avernus, who eventually becomes his patron. Shaka becomes a warlock of the celestial.


Character Information


Notable Items

Current Items

Shaka carries a crossbow for his main weapon. He was also gifted celestial armor from Kogoya, his patron.

Former Items




Shaka's main spell is the cantrip Eldritch Blast. He has also gained celestial powers which allow him to cast a wall of light and heal his party mates.