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Virgil (he/him) is one of two new additions (introduced in Season 9) to the Rivals of Waterdeep. More will be added to this article as the Rivals come to know him better.


Tall, with dark brown skin, medium length black dreadlocks with silver colored tips (locs with an undercut) and the odd silver and blue hair cuffs sweep to the left over his head. His eyes are a pupil-less pale blue-gray. He wears a dark blue hooded coat over a gray vest and black suspender harness.


Friendly, but calm and reserved. He trusts Selise, but is wary of just how true the tales of the Rivals are turning out to be. Brian the Brain still gives him pause.


Little is known at this point about Virgil other than the following:

  • Has spent much of his non-adventuring life in Caradoon, his home town.
  • Alludes to a turbulent past, but has yet to give details.
    • In Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 10 it was revealed that Virgil is the "Outcast Son of Zoar", leaving his "powerful" family many years ago and traveling swiftly away from his past.


Virgil is currently in a relationship with Kent, another newly introduced member of the Rivals.

Character Information

Notable Items

  • Bladed Fan of Rebuke - The Bladed Fan of Rebuke is a magic weapon that attaches to your forearm, becoming inseparable from you as long as you're attuned to it. To attune to this item, you must hold it against your forearm for the entire attunement period. As a bonus action, you can retract the fan into your forearm sheathe or extend it from there. While it is extended, you can use the metallic edge of the weapon as if you were holding it, and you can't use that hand for other purposes. The Bladed Fan of Rebuke can also cast chain lightning, hitting up to four targets if cast at 3rd level. Casting above this level adds 1 target per additional level. - Homebrew item by CypherOfTyr


  • None that we know of yet


  • None that we know of yet


"I don't want to be the first down [to breakfast], but we won't be the last down either." - Virgil, to Kent when asked for more time to sleep in.

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